Public Health Resources for Refugees Arriving from Ukraine

This page offers public health resources provided by member national public health institutes (NPHIs) of the IANPHI European Network for refugees arriving from Ukraine and for the health practitioners caring for them. The IANPHI European Network also stands in support with our Ukrainian member, the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Arriving in France

Resources from Santé publique France

COVID-19 tests and vaccination:

Bilingual health booklets: the booklets aim to support health professionals and social workers working with migrants by facilitating reciprocal understanding between them and their patients 

Bilingual health passport: the passport provides health and social support information to ensure the quality and continuity of refugees' care pathway. It is personal and strictly confidential and serves as a liaison document between refugees and their health professionals.

Arriving in the Netherlands

Resources from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

National immunization program (vaccination):

COVID-19 and vaccination:

More translated content from RIVM will be available soon (Tuberculosis and BCG vaccins, infectious diseases). Translated content is also available at municipal health services in the country.

Useful non-governmental resource that can be used as a starting point for refugees arriving in the Netherlands from Ukraine and provides information about healthcare:

Arriving in Norway

Resources from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Information and advice about refugee and asylum seeker health (infection control, childhood vaccines and other vaccines), mainly intended for the healthcare service and municipalities (this page is being updated with more brochures):

Arriving in Wales

Resources from Public Health Wales

Guidance to support the health screening for refugees from Ukraine:

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