Study Tour in Kenya-Canada Peer-to-Peer Partnership

With support from IANPHI, Kenya’s Ministry of Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) have joined together in a peer-to-peer partnership.

PHAC, established in 2004 in response to concerns about the capacity of Canada's public health system to anticipate and respond effectively to public health threats, is currently hosting a delegation from the Kenyan Ministry’s recently created Directorate of Preventive and Promotive Health Services (DPPHS) in a study tour.

During the visit to PHAC, the DPPHS team is learning more about the decision-making process that led to PHAC’s creation, the political and policy considerations in the establishment of the Agency and how these were successfully overcome, and how the Agency works with public health stakeholders at the regional, provincial, and community levels. 

The visit, part of an ongoing partnership between PHAC and DPPHS, will help the leadership of Kenya's new institute learn how other national public health institutes are structured and how to optimize integration of core public health functions and use of limited public health resources.

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