Peru INS and Bolivia INLASA Collaborate in Peer-to-Peer Partnership

In April 2014, representatives from the Bolivian National Institute of Health Laboratories (INLASA) visited Peru to learn more about the Peruvian National Institute of Health (INS) and its development and operation as a national public health institute.

During the visit INLASA and INS established a partnership for cooperation in health science research, the development of new technologies and the exchange of technical assistance.

Peru’s INS director and longtime IANPHI Executive Board member, Dr. César Cabezas, is committed to sharing the experiences and knowledge of the INS with its Bolivian colleagues. This exchange will have a particularly great impact as the two countries face similar public health challenges.

Peru’s INS has agreed to provide technical assistance to Bolivia’s INLASA as it assesses its public health system, develops a strategic plan, and establishes priorities for improving the operation and interaction of various areas including laboratory diagnosis, disease surveillance, and research.

A long-term twinning relationship is envisioned with expert exchange, training and/or other activities funded by IANPHI. 

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