IANPHI Offers New Peer-to-Peer Evaluation Tool for National Public Health Institutes

Tapping its unparalleled global expertise, IANPHI has created a new Peer-to-Peer Evaluation Tool now available to member national public health institutes (NPHIs), ministries of health, and other government entities interested in an outside assessment of their operations and individual programs or planning for new programs. The scope and focus of the evaluation and terms will be developed at the behest of the NPHI director. 

Upon request, IANPHI will assemble a team of NPHI directors or senior experts to carry out the evaluation using the IANPHI Framework for National Public Health Institutes Development, an IANPHI-developed roadmap for creating and developing NPHIs. 

The evaluation could be broad, such as the recently completed China CDC assessment, or more targeted to areas such as lab capacity, non-communicable diseases, tobacco control, injury or other evidence-based policies, or program additions. Other institutes may want a comparative study to show the value and contribution of their NPHIs.

The IANPHI team will provide a formal report for national audiences such as the ministry of health or confidential recommendations for in-house review. 

IANPHI’s member network will provide a wealth of expertise to its new assessment service. 

“Our membership of leaders of almost 80 NPHIs in 74 countries gives IANPHI access to the world’s top experts in public health,” said IANPHI president Jeffrey Koplan. Since 2006 IANPHI has fostered that international network, linking the assets and solutions of NPHIs around the world for the benefit of all. IANPHI's distinctive peer-to-peer approach has helped low-resource countries develop or improve their NPHI capacity and infrastructure through more than 50 projects in 35 countries. 

The cost of the new service will depend upon scope of evaluation. Net proceeds will support travel for members from low-resource countries to attend the annual meeting. 

For more information or to volunteer your services, contact IANPHI at secretariat@ianphi.org

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