IANPHI works with a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their special expertise and contributions to support and advocate for strong public health systems and NPHIs. These global health organizations, government agencies, businesses, foundations, and associations are vital to the development and operation of our programs, and we are grateful to each for their guidance and assistance. 

Foundation partners

Bill and Melinda GatesThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided a one-year planning grant to establish IANPHI and in 2006 awarded a $20 million, 5-year implementation grant to launch and conduct project activities. In late 2011, the foundation continued its support with a $6 million grant to further develop a model for strengthening national public health institutes globally. Under the new grant, IANPHI, through its Secretariat at the Emory Global Health Institute, is collaborating with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in three-year capacity building projects in four low-resource countries.  

Rockefeller FoundationThe Rockefeller Foundation funded the initial meeting of directors of national public health institutes in 2002 that led to the establishment of IANPHI.

Global public health partners

WHOThe World Health Organization, a founding partner of IANPHI, provides ongoing technical expertise and support to the organization. WHO has been engaged with IANPHI since 2005 to establish a set of collaborative partnership activities directed towards the mutual goal of strengthening public health capacity, both nationally and globally. To date, 18 IANPHI members also function as WHO collaborating centers, further reinforcing the relationship between WHO and IANPHI.

IARCThe International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)is the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization. Its objective is to promote international collaboration in cancer research, to provide the scientific evidence-base for the adoption of effective public health strategies for cancer control. The Agency also provides training in cancer research through its courses and fellowships. IARC has a particular focus in conducting research in low resource countries through partnerships and collaborations with researchers in these regions.

Private-sector partners

HDR CUH2AHDR CUH2A,  the world's largest science and technology design and architectural firm, provides technical expertise for IANPHI's NPHI creation projects through its philanthropic initiative, Design 4 Others.

PerkinsThe architects at Perkins+Will, a global leader in sustainable architecture and design, have donated services such as helping plan an emergency operations center at the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI).