Katja Heikkiläinen


IANPHI Foundation, National Institute for Health and Welfare Finland (THL) 


Katja Heikkiläinen serves as the Advisor to the IANPHI Foundation. Previously, she was responsible for daily operations & administration of the IANPHI Finland Secretariat from 2009-2014, including coordination and communication of Executive Board meetings, and support to the IANPHI President and Secretary General. In addition, Katja has worked as project manager and planning officer at THL’s other predecessor, the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) since 2002. She is interested in organizational systems and process development.

Katja has a Master’s degree in comparative literature from Helsinki University. Her studies in the humanist faculty have included with a wide range of secondary subjects ranging from theoretical philosophy to gender studies and social politics to psychology.