Mozambique and Brazil facilitate sharing of expertise and experience

Mozambique Public Health Institute

With a focus on disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, laboratory science and research for informed public health decision-making, Mozambique’s National Institute of Health is in the process of transforming into a comprehensive NPHI. IANPHI enlisted the technical assistance of FIOCRUZ Brazil for the project, and since 2006 the two have worked in close partnership. Through their cooperative efforts, the NIH has completed a strategic plan for the new institute, as well as plans for a new facility for the institute’s work, which were further developed by IANPHI and Design 4 Others, a non-profit laboratory team at HDR Architects. The NIH has begun to implement the action items for establishing the new institute, and the new NPHI facility will open in 2016. Brazil continues to support Mozambique’s NPHI through training and technical assistance.

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