Mentorship Progran

The IANPHI Mentorship Program facilitates active partnerships between experienced public health professionals and promising current or potential national public health institute (NPHI) leaders. This program is part of an ongoing IANPHI effort to build human capacity and provide a career path for public health professionals through training in strategic leadership and management. Part of this commitment involves providing current and future NPHI leaders with the public health tools, training, and support they need to develop their full potential. 

NPHIs are particularly important in low- and middle-resource countries because they can provide an antidote to brain drain and a career home for public health professionals interested in participating in initiatives like the IANPHI mentorship program. The mentor program helps future NPHI leaders take a more active role in determining their future while engaging in public health processes that contribute to the development of their country. 

In 2009, IANPHI selected three mentor-mentee pairs to inaugurate its new Mentorship Program.  In 2010 another two mentor-mentee pairs were named andone more pair was added in 2011. Through this program, IANPHI has also supported a series of workshops to discuss and operationalize IANPHI concepts of mentorship in the context of scientific publication and grant writing 

The IANPHI Mentorship Program has been funded by a generous gift from Dr. David Heymann, derived from a Heinz Family Foundation award and through the Better World Fund.

For more information, contact Allison Greenspan at IANPHI or see: 
Mentorship Program Fact Sheet