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Can Bill Gates Buy a Better World?

Has the $13 billion in global health grants made by the Gates Foundation since 1994 had its intended impact? Among the successes highlighted are IANPHI funds that helped Nigeria document TB prevalence and prompted the WHO to send reduced-cost drugs to treat MDR- TB in Africa’s most populous country. Amy Barth in Discovery Magazine, December 2010. »

Emory Magazine Autumn 2010
Health Wanted

How public health expert Courtenay Dusenbury, director of IANPHI's US Secretariat, and a loose alliance of feisty nuns, Bill and Melinda Gates, exhausted midwives, mosquito hunters, and Ministries of Health are conspiring to save lives in poor countries like Mozambique. Mary Loftus, Emory Magazine, Autumn 2010. »

Stronger National Public Health Institutes for Global Health

Although strengthening health-care systems is receiving increased attention, strengthening public health systems and institutions could save far more lives at lower cost, according to CDC Director Thomas Frieden and IANPHI President and Director of the Emory Global Health Institute Jeffrey Koplan. Lancet, Vol 376, November 2010. »

Global Noncommunicable Diseases — Where Worlds Meet

Policymakers should increase their sense of urgency to stop the global spread of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes that threaten the health and economies of industrialized and developing nations alike, Emory University global health researchers say. New England Journal of Medicine, September 15, 2010. »

Helping Success Build on Success

Helping Success Build on Success

IANPHI's role in linking and strengthening national public health institutes around the world is explained in this profile about Courtenay Dusenbury, director of IANPHI's U.S. Secretariat. Woodruff Health Sciences Center Update, Emory University, April 29, 2010. »

Surveillance and Management of Influenza on the African Continent

In his review of Yazdanbakhsh and Kremsner’s short paper about influenza in Africa, Prof. Barry Schoub, executive director of the South Africa National Institute for Communicable Diseases and a member of IANPHI's Executive Board, highlights the lack of attention that influenza receives in Africa and pushes for a renewed focus on influenza surveillance on the continent. »

What Are Some of the Most Important Contributions the Gates Foundation Has Made to Public Health?

Herbert L. DuPont, MD, James Hughes, MD. Infectious Disease News (February 2010). »

THL Global Health Answer

THL expresses its views on the role of the EU in Global Health. »


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