Leadership Development

By fostering an international community of public health leadership, IANPHI helps NPHIs around the world gain the benefits of shared information, expertise, and experience to address public health threats and opportunities. Multi-national, regional, and global linkages and networks are particularly important in today’s world, given the propensity of public health problems to cross borders and the efficiencies that result when countries share information and solutions. 

On an individual level, directors of member institutes benefit from leadership development and skills-building workshops at national meetings and regional gatherings. At the institute level, IANPHI connects member NPHIs in networks that encourage linkages among countries that are geographically or linguistically similar, struggling with similar technical issues, or developing research or programs to address specific problems. This model of collaboration also provides a platform for developing research or programs to deal with shared challenges, whether avian influenza or multi-resistant TB, laboratory safety or sanitation, tobacco use or obesity. 

IANPHI’s international network also strengthens national public health capacity, especially in low-resource countries that often lack the resources to perform the core public health functions. Through this unique alliance, IANPHI identifies strategies to address priority needs and raises standards of performance for organizing and conducting the functions that form the backbone of strong public health systems. 

"As a member of IANPHI, South Africa's National Institute for Communicable Diseases has received invaluable training and shared expertise through the public health institutional network established by IANPHI." - Professor Barry Schoub, Executive Director, NICD, Johannesburg