NPHI Toolkit

IANPHI provides technical assistance to countries that are setting up or enhancing their NPHIs. To assist member countries and partners in these efforts, we are developing a "toolkit” for NPHI development based on our growing body of experience. 

The Framework for the Creation and Development of National Public Health Institutes aims to characterize the community and range of NPHIs, describe their core attributes and functions, and provide a basis for assessing NPHIs and supporting their development. 

NPHI Case Studies provide snapshots of how some established NPHIs were created – why they were formed, key ingredients in their success, and barriers to greater impact. 

To help guide IANPHI’s assistance programs and contribute to knowledge and understanding of NPHIs, IANPHI has also conducted several assessments of our member institutes. NPHI Assessment Forms are provided as a resource for others wanting to obtain information on the performance of core public health functions in their institutions.   

Our toolkit offers samples drawn from our member institutes and tools for NPHI's interested in building other essential capacities: