IANPHI spearheads improvements in national public health systems through a peer-assistance evaluation, grant support and efforts focused on NPHI advocacy, collaboration, and sustainability. 

IANPHI US Office is based at the Emory University Global Health Institute. Coordinated by Past President Jeffrey Koplan, the IANPHI US team is responsible for policy, communications and NPHI development projects (USA) 


IANPHI at Emory provides direct funding to governments in low-resource countries to build and strengthen national public health capacity through development of NPHIs. IANPHI's grant portfolio includes three types of projects: read sample projects
  • NPHI-to-NPHI evaluation of institutes' operations and individual programs or planning for new programs.
  • Long-term engagements to establish new NPHIs or transform existing institutes into more comprehensive NPHIs
  • Targeted assistance to boost capacity of NPHIs
  • Seed grants to support the NPHI research agenda


IANPHI at Emory helps all of the world’s NPHIs by advocating for strong and well-supported national public health institutes. IANPHI at Emory facilitates alliances among NPHIs and with strategic partners such as WHO to catalyze support for and investment in national public health systems. IANPHI also develops benchmarks and tools that countries, NPHIs, and peer-assistance teams use to assess, develop, and improve NPHIs and optimize delivery of core public health functions. 


IANPHI is a professional association for NPHI directors, fostering a new community of public health leadership dedicated to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and cooperation. By linking the assets and leadership of NPHIs around the world, IANPHI provides a platform for collective action and shared solutions in addressing public health challenges and opportunities. The collective history, knowledge, and expertise of our member institutes are a powerful force for transforming public health around the world.