Guatemala CDCE site visit to Colombia INS

CDCEMay 5, 2015

Donning blue protective gowns, a delegation from Guatemala's CDCE followed INS Colombia leaders through the Virology Laboratory, on a step by step tour of INS's facilities and operations. In addition to the laboratory, the group's study visit of INS included visits to and meetings with leadership from the institute's National Health Observatory, General Secretariat, and the Directorates of Vigilance and Risk Analysis and Production Management, among others.

The latest step in an ongoing partnership between Guatemala's newly established CDCE and Colombia's INS, this visit also provided the two NPHIs the opportunity to discuss process and functionality of the INS' departments; exchange experiences and share lessons learned; and identify priorities for CDCE's development and future collaborations with US CDC, IANPHI, and INS.

As a result of the visit, the CDCE has chosen to focus on developing the IRB process, decentralizing operations of the National Laboratory, and establishing research priorities as key next steps, and will continue to work with INS, the US CDC, and IANPHI going forward. Next week, the CDCE will host a workshop with the US CDC and IANPHI to define activities and priority areas for future collaboration.

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