Global Secretariat Meeting

Global Secretariatain

(Top-row) Pekka Puska, Mauricio Hernandez-Avilla, Jeff Koplan, Christy Craig, (Bottom-row) Stacey Paschal, Ellen Whitney, Courtenay Dusenbury, Anne-Catherine Viso, Shenandoah Evans 

(IANPHI) Atlanta, USA September 9-11, 2015 – Secretariats met at the U.S. Office of IANPHI in Atlanta to finalize their proposed 2015-2016 strategic areas for action and to develop a joint work plan.  2016 marks IANPHI’s 10th year and provides an opportunity to assess past accomplishments and lessons learned and to plan for the future.  Key activities discussed include efforts to add value to members (training, technical assistance, benchmarking and policy development); the expansion of NPHI development activities in lower-resourced member institutes; communications and advocacy to show the importance of NPHIs to national governments and the world; partnerships; governance; and, strategic planning.