Ethiopia's EPHI to receive $49 million new campus


March 25, 2015

Ethiopia’s Public Health Institute (EPHI) will continue to expand its capacities as the flagship national public health institute in Ethiopia with the development of a new campus.

EPHI received $49 million from the World Bank to develop a new campus for their institute, which will include a BSL 2 lab and 72 safety cabinets. By adding this laboratory, the institute will have increased capability to conduct lab work involving bacteria and viruses such as Salmonella, Influeza A, and measles. Potential development of additional labs with BSL 3 and 4 capacities is currently under discussion. 

Established in 2014, EPHI is focused on disease control and strengthening Ethiopia’s national public health laboratory services. One current focus of the institute is the rabies virus. Over the past year, a vaccine has been developed and tested by EPHI, and a local maunfacturer has been identified to prouce it at a national scale. A rapid test for the virus is now in place, and will be used to test for cases. Through the work of the University of Gondar, EPHI will be linked to a large rabies surveillance network, with plans to expand to the network nationwide.

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