Public Health Agency of Canada deploys third Ebola lab team

January 16, 2015

by Christina Craig

This week, Dr. Gregory Taylor, IANPHI Executive Board Member and Director of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), announced that the agency will be sending a third mobile laboratory as well as additional PHAC scientists to Sierra Leone to combat the ongoing Ebola outbreak. According to Dr. Taylor's news release on Tuesday, 

'Once in Sierra Leone, the team will be assisting Doctors Without Borders physicians in Magburaka by testing samples from Ebola patients to support their ongoing clinical care. The tests performed by this mobile laboratory will provide physicians with timely information about the health of their patients, such as electrolytes level, blood chemistry and indicators of renal and liver health, that will allow healthcare workers to design care plans specific to the patient’s needs.

This team is being deployed alongside the Agency’s two other existing mobile laboratory teams that are providing laboratory capabilities to diagnose Ebola in Kailahun and Magburaka, Sierra Leone. With this third team on the ground, the Agency currently has six scientists in Sierra Leone operating three mobile laboratories.

The Government of Canada remains committed to aiding in the response to this outbreak, both for humanitarian reasons and to protect global public health.'

Read the full release, as well as additional information on PHAC's ongoing role in the Ebola outbreak response here.