UVRI, MoH key players in Uganda Ebola prevention

uganda uvriAugust 21, 2014

Christy Craig

In response to the current outbreak of the Ebola virus, countries throughout Africa are implementing prevention measures to protect their own citizens from the deadly disease. While for many countries Ebola is a new and unknown threat, Uganda tackled an outbreak of the same disease just 2 years ago, and is taking careful precautions to prevent the spread of the current outbreak across its borders.

The focus of Uganda’s preparedness measures is international travelers who have flown from Ebola-affected countries. According to Dr. Acen Ruth, Director of General Health Services, nearly 7000 travelers have been screened since July. IANPHI member Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) has played a central role by conducting testing of all suspected cases. All tests performed by UVRI so far have had negative results.

In addition to screening and testing for suspected cases, Uganda’s Ministry of Health has established and equipped an isolation facility, trained district task forces to ensure local-level capacity to manage cases, and directed health facilities to conduct orientations on Ebola virus infection control procedures.

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