IANPHI Supports Infection Control Trainings in Guinea

October 3, 2014

by Christy Craig

Cases of Ebola in West Africa have now surpassed 7,000, and the outbreak continues to overwhelm health systems in the region. Designated Ebola health care facilities have been filled beyond capacity, as health care professionals and volunteers strive to contain the virus’ spread. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by this outbreak, and the urgent need for public health capacity building in the affected countries, IANPHI has partnered with the Guinean National Institute of Public Health (INS) to support Guinea’s infection control and prevention efforts for non-Ebola Transmission Unit (ETU) medical facilities.

With objectives of establishing a ‘culture of safety’ to reduce Ebola transmission at non-ETUs and restoring confidence in the health system among health workers and the general public, IANPHI’s support will be allocated to the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), training of infection control (IC) officers, and placement of IC officers in health facilities to provide further IC training and supervision.

In collaboration with the US CDC, WHO, and Guinean MoH, INS will develop the training materials and conduct the infection control trainings for infection control officers, who will, in turn, each provide IC supervision and support in up to 8 health facility posts in the Ebola-affected regions of the country. Additional funding would allow for the IC training program to be extended to additional districts, but addressing these affected areas of Guinea is a critical first step.