World Bank recommends NPHIs as key investment strategy

The World Bank has recommended investing in National Public Health Institutes (NPHIs) as one of its three key strategies for the future.  As outlined in The World Bank Health Nutrition and Population Public Health Policy Note: Connecting Sectors and Systems for Health Results, its work will include “strengthening governance and leadership to address public health challenges, include supporting client countries’ capacity to perform the essential public health functions, supported in this effort by the establishment of NPHIs, or similar institutions adapted to local contexts. Further actions include assisting task team leaders in integrating public health components in future operations; and promoting interfaces across human, animal and ecosystems and different disciplines.”  The Bank’s authors note that “Investing in NPHIs is an option that some countries have started to consider to complement (not to substitute for) the MOH’s role in performing essential public health functions (Frieden and Koplan 2010)...Experience has shown that achieving and sustaining positive impact in public health is best served by a national organization which can help ensure a strong and coordinated focus on public health to assist the government in its stewardship role.”

The full report is available here >> 

WHO Connecting Sectors and Systems for Health Results