Help Raise Funds for Annual Meeting

 The IANPHI Secretariat at THL-Finland proposes that members help raise $80,000 to help close the gap in funds needed to support the 2013 Annual Meeting. The strategy, which identifies potential funders in member countries, was sent to IANPHI members by Secretary General Teija Kulmala on October 14. 

IANPHI’s U.S. office at Emory University will continue funding travel of participants from low-resource nations and Executive Board members. In addition, the Executive Board has allocated $48,000 from member dues to support the meeting. However, based on 2012 meeting costs, approximately $80,000 must be raised in 2013 to support the annual meeting, according to the Secretariat. 

“Due to limited staffing of the Secretariat, its personnel currently can provide only advice and documentary support to members who need to identify external financial resources in order to participate in the meetings, but the Secretariat cannot participate actively in the fundraising activities,” says the THL strategy. “Therefore it is crucial to identify members who have the willingness and resources to contribute to that time-consuming task.”

The full proposal may be accessed here. Send comments on this strategy to the IANPHI Executive Board