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Morocco teams with Togo to improve information system

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Morocco’s Pasteur Institute (IPM) continues to support Institut National d’Hygiene (INH) in its drive to become Togo’s fully functional NPHI.  Since the inception of the IANPHI project in Togo, IPM has been a major partner – participating in site visits and assessments and facilitating the purchase and installation of essential equipment needed for IPM to fulfill its role as a national public health reference laboratory.

Now IPM is taking on a new partnership role – helping INH plan and implement a dynamic, up-to-date information system that is tied to the institute’s strategic goals.  On March 11-17, 2013, Professor Mohammed Hassar (IPM Emeritus Director and former member of IANPHI’s Executive Board) and Mr. Khalid Gabi (IPM information system engineer) visited INH to assess the current system and make recommendations for improvements.  The team evaluated the INH information system and procedures, proposed simple solutions for the short term, and established a longer-term development plan – encompassing infrastructure, software, data, procedures, and personnel.

IPM has generously pledged continuing support and mentoring to include on-site technical assistance in Togo, visits to Morocco to study IPM platforms and systems, an internship for a newly hired INH information specialist, and help in identifying other partners and donors to support implementation of the information systems plan. 

Through this unique model of NPHI-to-NPHI technical assistance, IANPHI facilitates sustainable institutional capacity building as well as connections among leadership and staff in member institutes.

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The mission in Lomé was very successful. We were able to assess the information system at INH and now have a clear view on what should be done to upgrade and modernize it. The staff was very receptive and eager to progress under the leadership of Dr. Banla. Several recommendations in our report will be helpful to other NPHIs as they are generic and widely applicable.

--Prof Mohammed Hassar, Emeritus Director, Institute Pasteur of Morocco



"The mission was conducted with great expertise and highlighted major shortcomings of our system.  But we are happy to know that Professor Hassar and Morocco's Institute Pasteur are committed to supporting us in the search for solutions to the improvement of information system performance at INH."

--Dr. Banla, the INH director in Togo