Jarpa Stephan is the new director of ISPCH

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Stephan Jarpa ISPCH

Cuadra Jarpa Stephan is the new director of the Public Health Institute of Chile (ISP) from October 1.
He took over as substitute, after the former head of the Institute, Dr. Maria Teresa Valenzuela Bravo, retired were accepted starting on September 30 last year.
Jarpa is entitled pharmaceutical chemist at the University of Valparaiso, Masters in Marketing and Business Management from the Institute of Social Studies and Business Administration (ESEM) of Spain, Diploma in Human Resources from the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, and Integrity and Good Governance at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Professor (ADS) of conflict and negotiation at the University of Los Andes.
His professional experience and has developed both in the private and in the public administration.
In the public and to their arrival at the ISP, serving as advisor to the Cabinet of the Ministry of Agriculture (2013.).Before that, he was head of Human Resources in the same portfolio (2011-2012), and advisor to the Cabinet of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (2010).
In the private world, excelled as business manager of the National Vocational Training Institute, INACAP (2012 - 2013), general manager of House Consulting Ltd. (2006 - 2009), consultant ESAMA Chile (2007), organizational development manager Pharmacies Benavides (2004 - 2005), and Human Resources manager FASA (2000-2004).
Regarding union, was a leader of the Association of Regional Pharmacists Santiago, where he was president and advisor.
He has had various teaching experiences at the universities of Valparaiso, Andes, Andres Bello, Universidad Iberoamericana of Science and Technology.In Mexico, meanwhile, served in EGADE Monterrey Tech and the University of Monterrey.