European Directors' Meeting

From the Secretariat at THL Finland

The European national public health institute directors’ meeting to discuss current public health topics in Europe has established itself as an annual function linked to the presidency of the Council of the European Union. This year the meeting was hosted by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) and took place in Dublin, Ireland, April 25-26 2013. IPH director, Dr. Owen Metcalfe welcomed the over thirty participants from both IANPHI European member institutes and partner organizations to explore the benefits for the European NPHI collaboration during the discussions.

The topical question of health in all policies was addressed from different viewpoints. The current economic situation affects not only the European population, but also the work of the NPHIs and international public health organizations. Representatives from WHO, ECDC, EUROFOUND and EuroHealthNet stressed the importance of ongoing dialogue with the NPHIs in tackling public health challenges. The current economic situation underlines the importance of collaborative efforts in areas of data collection and information sharing. NPHIs are in a key role in providing policy makers with evidence based information for keeping and enforcing public health in national and regional agenda, but also have to look carefully into the right way of communicating their message to the public.

The participants wished for the European NPHI directors’ meeting to continue as an annual event for sharing experience. Dr. Enver Roshi, director of Institute of Public Health Albania welcomed the next European NPHI directors’ meeting to take place in Tirana in April 2014. More information on the coming meeting will be posted on IANPHI website after the date for the meeting has been set.

The meeting report can be found here.