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HDR Architecture Inspires INASA with Creative Lab Design

INASA Lab Design

Volunteer architects from HDR's Design 4 Others (D4O) team worked with Guinea-Bissau's new NPHI (INASA) for more than two years to create a concept design for INASA's National Public Health Laboratory.  The result is a masterful architectural and engineering rendering that clearly reflects D4O's understanding of INASA's challenges as well as opportunities -- and will be a centerpiece for supporting the institute's mission into the future.

Although funding is not currently available for a new building, retrofitting laboratories and constructing annexes was not seen as a good solution, given the ambitious plans for the future of the new institute.  INASA is confident that, armed with a good design, resources can be found to make the concept a reality.

D4O is a volunteer group of experts from HDR Architecture who plan and design critical-need facilities for communities with limited resources.  In addition to work with INASA, D4O -- an active and generous partner of IANPHI -- has contributed pro bono design expertise to projects in Mozambique and Uganda.

INASA Design

You may view the full pdf of the concept design for INASA's National Public Health Laboratory here >> 


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