Hello and Goodbye: Secretariat Staff Changes

(December 2012) As we move into the new year, IANPHI welcomes and says farewell to four staff in Helsinki and Atlanta. Minna Kaattari, project coordinator for the IANPHI Secretariat in Helsinki for the past two and a half years, will leave IANPHI in December to travel to Australia, the United States, and Canada and then may pursue a master’s degree in international health. 

Former Program Manager Katja Heikkiläinen, who was a key member for two years at the Secretariat in Helsinki, will assume the role of IANPHI coordinator in January. 

In Atlanta, Marlene Goldman, who has directed communications for IANPHI for almost four years, will retire January 1. She will continue to contribute to the IANPHI newsletter, assisting Shenandoah Evans who is now managing the website and working to strengthen IANPHI’s publications and social networking presence. You can already see her work in the new design of IANPHI World, and the addition of Facebook and Twitter. 

As IANPHI's new communications director, Shenandoah Evans also will explore video and other visuals as well as expanded media relations to demonstrate IANPHI’s work. She has an extensive communications background including communications consultant for Emory University’s Institute for Developing Nations, the Master’s in Development Practice and the Vulnerability and Human Condition Initiative, and before that, work for private companies such as CNN and Samsung Electronics.