Nominations Open for IANPHI Executive Board and Top Leaders

IANPHI members are invited to nominate candidates for the IANPHI Executive Board (EB) as well as the president and vice president of IANPHI. Nominations should be sent to Secretary General Teija Kulmala and must be received by May 15, 2012. An EB nominating committee will review the nominations and present a slate to be voted upon by the General Assembly at the IANPHI 2012 Annual Meeting set for Sept. 30–Oct. 2 in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Executive Board 

Four EB positions are open, including two slots currently held by board members who are eligible for another term -- Justin McCracken, UK, and Rajae El Aouad, Morocco.

Two other board slots became vacant recently when directors left their leadership positions at their respective institutes and are no longer eligible to serve on the EB. IANPHI thanks these former directors for their service on the EB — Mario Henry Rodriguez, Mexico, and Amabelia Rodrigues, Guinea Bissau. 

The IANPHI Executive Board provides policy oversight from respected leaders of national public health institutes from around the world.

President and Vice President

The terms of IANPHI's founding President Jeffrey Koplan, US, and Vice President Pekka Puska, Finland, will end this fall. IANPHI is indebted to both for their leadership and commitment to IANPHI as it has grown from 39 member institutes in 2006 to almost 80 today. New leadership will be elected this fall.

The president represents the association and presides over the General Assembly and the Executive Board. He or she is also responsible for carrying out the resolutions of the board so that the association functions well and according to its bylaws. The  vice president works with the president to ensure that all the functions above are fulfilled, plays an active ongoing role, and acts in the absence of the president.

  A candidate for the IANPHI president or vice president should meet the following requirements: 

  • Is a present or former director of a NPHI
  • Has a strong affiliation and experience with IANPHI
  • Has the ability to provide thoughtful, hands-on strategic guidance to the IANPHI Secretariats and ensure that they are meeting, in a timely manner, the goals and objectives laid out by the Executive Board
  • Has a vision for a robust and dynamic international organization – continuing to grow and improve in scope and function over the time – that adds value to its members
  • Has energy and enthusiasm required to both pay regular attention to the daily operations of IANPHI and to represent the organization internationally, including advocacy and fundraising activities
For further information, contact the Secretary General (

Nomination Deadline is May 15, 2012

Nominations for the Executive Board and president and vice president should be sent to Secretary General Teija Kulmala.