INVS, IANPHI Collaborate on New Evaluation Tool

Colleagues from the National Public Health Surveillance Institute of France (INVS) are partnering with IANPHI to develop a tool to evaluate national public health institutes (NPHIs).This new tool will help countries recognize the value of NPHIs in countering public health threats, provide benchmarking, and facilitate peer-to-peer evaluation, similar to that recently completed for the China CDC.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will provide limited support for this effort, and additional support may be sought from other donors. The initiative will build upon IANPHI’s 2007 Framework for the Creation and Development of National Public Health Institutes and the 2011 Bellagio meeting on essential public health functions for NPHIs and will be coordinated by Anne Catherine Viso, (INVS) and Courtenay Dusenbury (IANPHI-US Secretariat).

INVS Scientific Director Jean Claude Desenclos and IANPHI President Jeffrey Koplan will introduce ideas for the project during a session at this year’s Annual Meeting in Mexico City. A working group will be convened to further elaborate specific objectives, milestones, and a timeline. The tool is expected to be ready for consideration and comment by IANPHI members during the 2013 General Assembly,” says Dr. Koplan.