International MPH Program Offering Scholarships to Candidates from Low-Income Countries

The International Master of Public (IMPH) Program at the Braun School of Public Health at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, is an intense 12-month program in English that was established in 1970 and has graduated more than 700 MPH students from 90 countries—nearly all low-income regions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as transitional countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and others from North America and western Europe. Many of its alumni return home and assume key positions at local, national, and international levels in academia, the government, and NGO sectors, clinical settings, and industry. 

Students from developing countries accepted into the program receive a scholarship that covers virtually all costs associated studying in Israel (valued at US $35,000). "We are looking for candidates (not necessarily physicians) with demonstrated strong academic ability, preferably some work experience, and most important, the potential and desire to return home and apply and disseminate their acquired knowledge and skills," says Yehuda Neumark, IMPH Program director. The 2012-2013 course begins in October 2012. 

For more information and applications, contact Program Secretary Pamela Malka. The application deadline is the end of March. 

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The Braun School of Public Health, the largest and oldest in Israel, is a designated WHO Collaborating Center for Capacity Building in Public Health and a founding member of the European Academic Alliance for Global Health.