EB Proposes New Members, Officers for Policy-Making Board

The IANPHI Executive Board is proposing a slate of two new members,  one re-election, and a new position of immediate past president for IANPHI's policy-making board. The full membership of IANPHI will vote on the slate during IANPHI's General Assembly, October 2, at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Mexico City. 

The EB is proposing the following slate:
Justin McCracken, UK (Health Protection Agency); up for re-election
Ilesh Jani, Mozambique (National Institute of Health)
Mauricio Hernández Àvila, Mexico (National Institute of Public Health, INSP)
Jeffrey Koplan, USA (Emory Global Health Institute and president of IANPHI)

Dr, Koplan is the outgoing president of IANPHI. His nomination to the board as immediate past president is subject to the approval by the General Assembly of a constitutional amendment creating the new EB position

IANPHI is grateful to these retiring members of the EB and thanks them for their tireless energy and dedication to strengthening and linking the world's public health institutes: 

Rajae El-Aouad, Morocco (National Institute of Hygiene)
Mario Henry Rodriguez, Mexico (National Institute of Public Health, INSP)
Amabelia Rodrigues, Guinea-Bissau (National Institute of Public Health, INASA)

The General Assembly will also vote on new officers. The EB has recommended Pekka Puska, Finland (National Institute for Health and Welfare-THL) for president, to succeed Dr. Koplan, and Mwele Malecela, Tanzania (National Institute for Medical Research) for vice president, replacing Dr. Puska. 

The EB is also recommending approval of IANPHI membership for Public Health Wales. The membership must be officially approved by the General Assembly October 2.

The IANPHI Executive Board provides policy oversight from respected leaders of national public health institutes from around the world.