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(Nov. 3, 2011) Record rains have swamped Thailand and the resulting flooding — the worst in several decades — covered more than 30 provinces including Bangkok. Millions are affected and need help.

Pathom SawanpanyalertWhile some areas were in the preparedness or prevention phase, other areas were in response or recovery, the director-general of the Thailand National Institute of Health says. There was concern about skin infections, mosquito bites, food- and water-borne diseases, and bites from animals in flooded areas and about diseases like leptospirosis during post-flood phases. A surveillance system helped detect and respond to possible communicable and food-borne diseases in shelters and other locations where people congregated. The institute used repellents to counter mosquitoes and watched for vector-borne diseases through the surveillance program. "In addition, we also worked with hospitals including field hospitals that were affected by floods to ensure that they had minimally required functioning clinical laboratories and could provide some needed health care services," says Dr. Sawanpanyalert.
Thailand Floods