Mankind and TB--Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

In the inaugural distinguished guest lecture at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Research Director Oni Idigbe said the world is at the verge of losing the battle against TB as current global control efforts have been significantly retarded by HIV/AIDS and the emergence of XDR-TB. He traced efforts to build capacity to control TB in Nigeria and globally.

An ancient disease believed to been around for thousands of years, TB is still the leading infectious killer worldwide and its resistance to available drugs is growing.  Nigeria has the highest burden of TB of all African countries.  With support from IANPHI and other organizations, NIMR  is building its capacity for suveilliance, diagnosis and treatment, and has been a pioneer in Africa in the use of the Hain line probe assay for detecting resistance to isoniazid and rifampin.  

Prof. Idigbe, a founding member of IANPHI and former director of NIMR, chronicled that progress, saying his "great joy is to have set up a laboratory in NIMR when none existed."  That improvised two-room lab grew to become the TB National Reference Laboratory in the mid 2000s and in 2011 evolved into a Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory.  

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Oni Idigbe Inaugural Lecture