IANPHI to Help China CDC Plan for Future

China CDC Director Wang Yu has enlisted IANPHI’s help in a comprehensive review of his institute’s progress, challenges, and strategic direction for the future. A six-person team led by IANPHI President Jeffrey Koplan will be working with China CDC, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary in January 2012, to assess current capacity, organizational design, and function and to draft recommendations on future strategies to strengthen disease control and prevention efforts.

China CDC is one of the world’s largest NPHIs. Its 19 centers oversee the country’s major public health functions including research, control and prevention plans for infectious and chronic diseases, leadership on national programs for food safety, occupational health, product safety, radiation and environmental health, and maternal and child health. China CDC conducts applied scientific research and provides technical guidance and training and quality control assistance throughout the country. It is a key component of national working groups for disease prevention, emergency relief and public health information systems.

Koplan, Yu

China CDC

“China CDC has rapidly evolved over the past 10 years into a major resource for public health in China. It continues to add breadth and depth in its expertise over a wide range of priority health areas.”

—Dr. Jeffrey Koplan
President, IANPHI
Director, Emory Global Health Institute