2011 IANPHI Annual Meeting: Towards Strong and Connected Public Health Institutes

The IANPHI Executive Board (EB) midyear meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand, May 1-2, 2011. Six EB members — Pekka Puska, Finland; Mohammed Hassar, Morocco; Mahmudur Rahman, Bangladesh; Mario Henry Rodriguez, Mexico; Jane Wilde, Ireland; and Wang Yu, China — and representatives of the IANPHI Secretariat from Finland and Atlanta participated in the meeting.

The meeting focused on preparing the program for IANPHI's Sixth Annual Meeting to take place in Helsinki in September 2011. In addition, the EB received a report about the newly established IANPHI Foundation and member fees collection. The Foundation has been established in Finland, serving the objectives and mission of IANPHI and as an operational instrument for collection and administration of member fees and donations.

Revisions to the IANPHI Constitution were discussed at the EB meeting, and the Secretariat was appointed to provide the EB with a proposal for the revised version to be presented for approval at the General Assembly in Helsinki

Members of the EB discussed the future of IANPHI and how to maintain the association after the present financial support from the Gates Foundation ends in October 2012. The IANPHI Foundation is one of the cornerstones of fundraising, but the EB encourages all IANPHI members to think about how they could contribute to the important process of securing IANPHI’s future. This year’s Annual Meeting will offer members opportunities to discuss ways forward.

Members may view the agenda of the EB meeting and the full minutes by clicking here.