Deadline for Proposals for Seed Grants and Research Grants is Dec. 1, 2010

Each year, IANPHI calls for proposals for seed grants for research and short-term program grants for assistance, training, or expert consultations. The deadline to submit proposals this year is Dec. 1, 2010 for the 2010-2012 Seed Grant Program and 2010-1011 Short Term Assistance Grants. 

2010-2012 Seed Grants for Research Program

In 2010-2011, two-year proposals will be funded at a maximum of $30,000 per year. Priority will be given for proposals from low-resource countries and collaborative proposals, in which at least 50% of the project is performed by researchers who are from, and located in, a low-resource country. The proposals need to be scientifically relevant and related to the major public health problems in developing countries and countries in transition.Research topics may include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Maternal and child health
  • Nutrition-related health problems
  • Chronic, non-communicable diseases
  • Disaster preparedness and environmental health problems
  • Injury control and prevention
  • Public health system and policy researc

The principal investigator should be a senior researcher/group leader from an IANPHI member institution or an NPHI in the process of becoming an IANPHI member.

2010-2011 Short-Term Projects, Including Training, Assistance, and Technical Expert Consultations

Short-term assistance, training, or expert consultations and capacity-building in NPHIs projects will usually be relatively short: one or two months or less in duration. The program aims to help countries quickly resolve priority gaps in NPHI capability and capacity. In 2010-2011 proposals will be funded at a maximum of $25,000 each. Assistance might include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Short-term consultations and/or assessment visits from a small IANPHI team composed of experts from member NPHIs
  • Funds to provide short-term training
  • Funds for short-term staff exchange
  • Funds for targeted leadership development
  • Other short-term assistance as identified by the applying NPHI and approved by IANP
The respondent must be the director of the National Public Health Institute.

Inquiries concerning both the seed grants and short-term grants should be directed to Katja Heikkiläinen:

2010-12 Grant Programs Deadline is Dec. 1, 2010

See the request for proposals and instructions for submission
—Questions?  Contact Katja Heikkiläinen