Mohammed Hassar receives the 2010 IANPHI Outstanding Service Award

Mohammed Hassar, director of the Pasteur Institute of Morocco, received the 2010 IANPHI Outstanding Service Award from IANPHI President Jeffrey Koplan. Professor Hassar has been active in global health for the past two decades and is a member of IANPHI’s Executive Board.

Professor Mohammed Hassar, MD, became Director of the Moroccan Institut National d’Hygiène (INH) in  1989, where he instituted many changes including the creation of a program in pharmacovigilance and programs in genetics and in immunology, among other contributions. After leaving that position in 1993, he rejoined the Department of Pharmacology at Rabat Medical School. Among his contributions in this post were his participation in several World Health Organization committees addressing the proper use of medicines. In 2001, he became Director of the Institut Pasteur du Maroc (IPM). 

Hassar Award