IANPHI Names 2010 Mentor- Mentee Pairs

(May 24, 2010) In an ongoing effort to build human capacity and provide a career path for pubic health professionals, IANPHI announced in May two new mentor-mentee pairs in the IANPHI Mentorship Program:

• Long-time professor and former director of Latin American program development for the Kellog Foundation, Francisco B. Tancredi of Brazil, will mentor Fátima Omar Mecupa, deputy director for admiistration and finance for the National Institute of Health in Mozambique. He will help her acquire skills that will allow her to reach her goal of better defining the institute’s strategic plan while creating a stronger human resource foundation at INS. 

•The second pair includes veteran public health leader at the U.S. CDC Samuel Perry and Busarawan Sriwanthana, an expert level medical scientist from Thailand’s National Institute of Public Health. Perry will help Sriwanthana gain skills in developing policy and strategic planning and learn how to use networks to help with institutional management.

For the next two years, they will communicate regularly via email and monthly conference calls and partner to develop plans to implement and evaluate their joint ventures.

Now in its second year, the program facilitates active partnerships between experienced public health leaders and promising current or potential national public health institute (NPHI) leaders and provides training in strategic leadership and management. Part of this commitment involves providing current and future NPHI leaders with the public health tools, training, and support they need to develop their full potential. The program was inaugurated in 2009 with three mentor-mentee pairs from all over the world. It is funded by a generous gift from David Heymann, derived from a Heinz Family Foundation award and through the Better World Fund.

Francisco B. Tancredi 

Francisco B TancrediDr. Francisco Tancredi retired from the Kellogg Foundation in 2008, where was in charge of program development for Latin America. He was responsible for selecting proposals, monitoring projects in the areas of public health, medicine, and nursing as well as leadership development, community development, and youth programs.

Tancredi received his MD and PhD in public health at the University of Sao Paulo where he was a professor at the School of Public Health from 1978 to 1998. Between 1983 and 1987, he worked for the Health Secretariat of the state of Sao Paulo, where he led the health planning division.

In 1998 he left the university to dedicate full time to the Kellogg Foundation, where he spent 10 years as the regional director for the Latin America and Caribbean program. Since 2008 he has been helping the foundation monitor its projects in Southern Africa, where he was exposed to the public health challenges in Mozambique. 

With his experience with the Kellogg Foundation coupled with his experience as a professor and practitioner in public health, Tancredi believes he can help his mentee Fátima Omar Mecupa of the National Institute of Health in Mozambique. 

Fátima Omar Mecupa 

FatimaFátima Omar Mecupa, deputy director for administration and finances at Mozambique’s National Institute of Health (INS), has been chosen to pair with Francisco Tancredi for IANPHI’s mentorship program. She received her bachelor of science in administration and management at the Universidade Politecnica in 2006 and has worked in Mozambique’s Ministry of Health since 2009. 

As deputy director for administration and finance she is responsible for the management of INS. She has been developing new human resource and strategic plans for her institute and hopes to implement a quality management system in the future. She wants to use the IANPHI mentorship program to acquire skills that will allow her to create a stronger human resource foundation at INS while better defining the institute’s strategic plan moving forward. 

Busarawan Sriwanthana

BusarawanBusarawan Sriwanthana works as an expert level medical scientist within the Department of Medical Sciences in Thailand’s National Institute of Health. Her responsibilities include testing for HIV and conducting research on cellular immunity, focusing on cytotoxic T lymphocytes in both infected and noninfected people. As chief of the Transfusion-Transmitted Pathogens section, she manages and monitors three external quality assurance schemes for HIV and HCV testing within Thailand. Sriwanthana also implements institutional knowledge management plans as deputy director of technical affairs.

Sriwanthana has international experience in public health, including receiving her PHD in microbiology and Immunology at the University of Maryland in the United States. Later in her career, she helped establish a laboratory quality system and testing network of public health institutes to share information and support each other in technical areas. 

As a mentee, Sriwanthana hopes to gain skills in developing policy and strategic planning as well as using networks to help with institutional management. She hopes that the IANPHI mentorship program will, “provide a good opportunity to interact and work with experts to enhance the capability of THAI NIH [so it] can become an institute that plays a central role in public health issues in the Southeast Asia region.”

Samuel Perry

Sam PerrySamuel Perry, MPH, served for more than 35 years as a senior public health manager and advisor at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He currently provides technical and managerial consultation to CDC as an associate with a leading U.S. scientific and technical consulting organization. Over the course of his exemplary and highly regarded public health career, Samuel Perry has planned, implemented, and managed programs at all levels of the U.S. public health system, and he served as resident technical advisor for WHO and USAID in Southeast Asia and Africa for many years. He has helped implement programs for STI/HIV prevention, TB control, immunization delivery, and bioterrorism preparedness and response. Perry also participated in the founding of the Laboratory Response Network for Bioterrorism and coordinated the recruitment and deployment of international response teams during the SARS outbreak. 

Perry has management skills and experience and understanding of the challenges that come with managing public health program. As a mentor, he will be a great asset as Busarawan Sriwanthana works to gain expertise to help improve the Thai NIH.

For more information, please visit the Mentorship Program page