China CDC

(中国疾病预防控制中心  应用门户)

Tel: 010-58900001

155 Changbai Road Changping District

Beijing ,People's Republic of China

Wang Yu - Director


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Institute Profile

China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the country's leading public health agency, providing core advice to governmental policy makers and decision makers and guidance and assistance to national and local public health practitioners. Staffed with more than 2,100 employees, China CDC focuses on infectious diseases, with emphasis on emerging and re-emerging diseases such as H1N1 influenza; hand, foot, and mouth disease; HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. China CDC also wants to expand and extend its work on noncommunicable diseases, cancer, and food safety.

During the H1N1 pandemic, the China CDC has instituted border screenings and quarantines, and has launched a massive immunization effort. It has produced more than 20 million doses of vaccine and has another 100 million doses in production.

China CDC is committed to:

  • Strengthening research on strategies and measures for disease control and prevention
  • Organizing and implementing control and prevention plans for different kinds of diseases
  • Carrying out public health management for food safety, occupational health, health-related product safety, radiation health, environmental health, and health care for women and children
  • Conducting applied scientific research
  • Providing technical guidance, staff training, and quality control for disease control and prevention and public health services through the country
  • Acting as a national working body for disease prevention, emergency relief, and construction of a public health information system
China CDC is divided into 22 departments:
  • National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention
  • National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention
  • National Institute for Parasitic Diseases
  • National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention
  • National Center for Chronic and Non-communicable Disease Control and Prevention
  • National Institute for Nutrition and Food Safety
  • National Institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety
  • National Institute for Occupational Health and Poisoning Control
  • National Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety
  • National Center for Rural Water Supply Technical Guidance
  • National Center for Maternal and Children Health
  • National Center for Public Health Surveillance and Information Services
  • National Immunization Programme
  • National Center for Tuberculosis Control and Prevention
  • Office of Disease Control and Emergency Response
  • Office of NCD Prevention and Control and Community Health
  • Office of Public Health Policy Research
  • Office of Laboratory Management
  • Office of Science and Technology
  • Office of International Cooperation
  • Office of Education and Training
  • Office of Epidemiology