Becoming a Member

IANPHI has three membership categories: 

Institutional Member: An institutional member is a national government organization with attributes and functions as described in the IANPHI Framework for the Creation and Development of National Public Health Institutes. These include being a science-based organization, having a national scope of influence, a focus on the major public health problems of the country, and the capacity to conduct several core NPHI Functions.

Associate Member: An associate member is a national government organization that does not meet criteria for institutional membership. For example, if the organization conducts limited numbers of core NPHI functions or has a limited scope of work, it is considered an associate member. Particularly in countries that do not have an NPHI, Ministries of Health that are carrying out Core NPHI Functions may apply for associate membership.

Partner: An IANPHI Partner is an organization with which IANPHI has established a cooperative relationship to advance mutual interests in support of NPHI efforts to improve public health and assist in NPHI development. Examples of types potential IANPHI partner organizations are foundations, professional societies, governmental funding agencies, and international organizations.

New Member Application

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Member Dues: 

Basic annual fee 2017 for IANPHI National Member institutes:

World Bank classification IANPHI Annual Fee

  • Low income or low middle income countries:  475 €
  • Upper middle income countries: 2850 €
  • High income countries: 8500 €